Saturday, 26 November 2011

ROOTS...local food

We have decided to live our truth and go for what we believe in and create the future that we want to see. We have always believed that choosing the easier road is not always what it seems to be. We aim to take no shortcuts. We are starting with nothing, nothing but our vision. We have jumped from the paradigm of working for someone else trapped in another mentality to creating a future and being present in exactly what we want to see happen. We are grateful for that in its self is a freedom of the mind.
People say all sorts of things like you need money… you need crockery… plates...riedel glasses and so the list goes on and on. This fear mongering that you need money, that you will never make it without those special pieces of paper. We see it differently. We believe that you need the community and people that believe in what you are doing. So we have started our new adventure that will lead us to making our dream come true of having a restaurant so we started a local food service called Roots. We do not need new things. In starting we thought that there is such amazing craftsmanship here in Aotearoa. So the research began in plates and kitchen items. There is such amazing ceramics from the 60s and 70s. Who cares if all the plates look the same! It is more fun to have a story and uniqueness and that sense of local, which really to me in this spectrum says real and quality. So Giulio found people with all of these ceramic NZ crafted plates. They are beautiful. He explained what we are doing to an older gentleman and bought some plates from him. The gentleman then called him back and said that he would love to help out, that he was literally swimming in too much NZ ceramic dishware and that Giulio could take what he wanted at no cost just because he believed in what we are creating and wanted to help us out! We are now realizing if we explain what we are doing maybe people will want to join in or contribute in some way, anyway that they can. It does not have to be with even giving us anything, but just words knowing that what we are creating is also something that others want to see happen and are excited about.
Our concept of food…this should be a book, however, here are some of Giulio’s words from his blog about our project:
“These are very exciting times for us, we have decided to start our own food service focused on everyone who wants to taste honest local food.
Lyttelton is surrounded by food, and by my own experience in the last 10 months I have been eating leaves, herbs, nuts, fruits and flowers that I forage during my daily walks. We are so lucky to have the Farmer’s Market every Saturday, and now starting the spring season we can find something new every weekend. Lyttel Piko is my favorite shop, you can find almost everything there and it is the starting point of my whole food based pantry.
The philosophy is local – organic – biodynamic – animal welfare supporting the local producers and suppliers. It is my dream to create a sustainable food service that supports the community and the community does the same in return. When I think in food I think about sharing, in the end that’s the whole purpose of my craft, but it is not only food, it is food made with respect and love, it is nourishment for our body that is why it has to be healthy and nutritious.

Our food is an invitation to the senses, to experience new flavors or a different culture or a completely new food experience, who said that it is not right to start eating sweets before savory??
Everyone is welcome. Peace”
We offer local food parties (breakfast, lunch, dinner, tapas) as well as cooking classes, and any other cooking needs whether it be for the holidays, a neighborhood get together… you name it…contact us. Christy and Giulio 021 120 8083

Posted by: Christy Martin


  1. What an inspirational post! This really is about having faith in the Universe. To just go for your dream and know that the pieces will fall into place along the way. I sense that there will be challenges as you go - and I wish you lots of luck. Follow your heart - and you will never be lost.

  2. Nice one. What is the blog address please? I'm assuming you'll be keeping people up to date with uyour delicious offerings that way?

  3. Hi Stoneweaver, Thank you so much for your wonderful words of support. I'm sure that there will be challenges, but with overcoming the difficulties comes fulfillment especially when it comes to doing exactly what you believe in and feel is right. Yes to faith in the Universe and following your heart. Think it, feel it, do it!

    Samphire, thank you too! Giulio's Blog:
    Yes, this is definitely where we will keep everyone up to date with what we are up to until we get a website up and running. Giulio is always doing something in the kitchen!

    Thanks again! <3 Christy