Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Bye for now.

The Lyttel Town writers' collective is taking a break from writing. Our original vision was to share with other communities some of what we are up to as we face the challenges of the present and the future; earthquake recovery, projects putting in place systems for local food resilience, alternatives to the current predominant economic paradigm, simple ways of connecting across fences and neighbourhoods and loads more. We've enjoyed the conversations started in some of the comments. This is what we were hoping for; dialogue that will support others to create the communities they imagine.
It is time we find new ways of sharing our love and resources freely with others and with every freely given gift, we say no to an economic system which is killing our communities, undermining our shared humanity and destroying the planet we share in this spinning universe.
I've had fun writing. Thanks for reading.
If you are new here browse through the archives.
If you were inspired by stuff here, take it into your own community.
Make it your own.
Now is the time.

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