Sunday, 15 May 2011


Not only people, but also animals have been affected by the earthquake.

So there was no surprise when the greyhound-rehousing society had sleek and gentle hounds
in residence at the Saturday Lyttelton arty market a week ago. Lolling on the grass, waiting for a pat and rewarding you with a grateful look from their beautiful doe-eyes.
There was a litter of fluffy kittens to give away also. 10 out of 10 on the
cuteness scale.
I watched as many people, young and old, strolled over to those animals,
rubbing their tummies, stroking their beautiful fur, feeling their wooly warmth.
If you preferred human embraces there was the group of young women with
cardboard signs around their necks advertising 'free hugs'. They had come from
'the other side' (Christchurch), feeling they wanted to do something to cheer
people up. Some people were reluctant to accept the hugs, some went for it full heartedly, but everyone smiled.

We all need love and affection.
Nothing works better to forget the increasing cold and the rumbling earth

Go on, hug your hamster, give your Gramps a bear hug,squash all the children on the sofa with you for a group hug, and give those dearest to you a footmassage or a backrub.
Love in action, creatively expressed.

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