Tuesday, 10 May 2011

unexpected consequences

Earthquakes,like any natural disaster, change things, sometimes in a small way,
or as a significant life change. One small way it changed things for me was the
location of my recreation.
Recreation for me is hill walking and I used to walk in the Port
Hills until the earthquake put a stop to that. All the tracks up there are
closed for safety reasons, so my options became very limited.

Orton Bradley Park, across the harbour from Lyttelton, where I live, is quite
abit further than my usual spots but as I especially like it over there, I
decided to make the journey 2 or 3 times a week, and walk in those hills. I
have been doing that for a few weeks now and have revelled in the natural
beauty of that region as well as the human created beauty. I have not only found spots
I never knew existed but what I try to do on my walks has been enhanced.

I enjoy walking for its own sake; there is the healthy exercise to start off
with, good for the ticker, the limbs and so on. But it also loosens up the creative
flow which we all possess. I'm not given to speech making, especially before an
audience, but I've made inspiring speeches up in those hills surrounded by
sheep and cattle, and they don't seem to mind.
Thoughts flow when the legs get moving. To gain a bit of concentration, I
focus, amongst other things, on nature's beauty.
Orton Bradley is full of expansive views, especially as one climbs the hill tracks, such as Tableland.
Mt Bradley looms over to the right, the valley is below and the sound of the stream is clear as it meanders down the valley. The autumn colours are striking at the moment, breaking the green of paddocks and native bush with glimpses of yellow and scarlet.
There is wildlife; hares for instance, but not rabbits I've noticed, and paradise duck, bellbirds and magpies. I've also spotted three-pointed spoors on muddy farm tracks, hinting at the presence of a certain
native bird that loves marshy swamps.

So, noone wants earthquakes or any natural disaster. But I have been reminded
lately that Mother Nature takes many forms and one of those is natural beauty
It is a beneficial and healthy antidote to earthquakes and their nasty
One that I recommend.

written by guest writer, John Cardwell

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