Saturday, 20 August 2011

enjoying the seasons.

Are we masochists?
Early in the week I noticed some excitement in the air as the weather forecast predicted a significant snow storm.
I wondered how many challenges we are able to face.
Would the power remain on? Would we keep warm?
But since the earthquakes an NGO in Christchurch has been providing ‘snuggle sacks’ for older people to keep them warm as some of our houses are not as draft proof as they were.
I’m in that age group, so I have a snuggle sack to keep me warm. I’m told I shouldn’t be seen in it, but who cares, it keeps me cosy – especially at the computer.
A month ago when it snowed for the first time this winter,  I enjoyed watching and listening to young people take advantage of the new environment immediately as the snow fell. They snow boarded down Lyttelton’s steep streets, their voices heard in the eerie black and white stillness.
They did it again this time around. One of few benefits of living on steep streets.
I simply relaxed and kept warm; I had a stack of books from the library, knitting I wanted to do and entertainment provided by snowboarders that I watch from my newly double glazed window.
So no, I don’t think I am a masochist, but a lover of changing scenes, situations and challenges.

written by Margaret Jefferies, chair of Project Lyttelton

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