Friday, 5 August 2011

In Steps Towards a More Sustainable Pantry - Chicken

We are always trying to find or create the best way of doing things with the food that we buy. In that I mean with the least amount of waste whether it be calculated in food miles, packaging or straight up waste that goes into the bin.

We are meat eaters, however, ever so conscious in what we buy. We want to know where our food has come from, who has grown/produced it and in what way. We feel that asking these questions about our food is crucial to helping create a better food system and making a conscious decision about who and what we support with our dollar.

We are all about supporting the local community when it comes to our food.  On Saturday we went down to the Lyttelton Farmers Market and purchased a fresh size 24 free-range chicken from Westwood Chicken.  Antibiotic and hormone free, predominately grass fed. We found out that this chicken was grown for 63 days where as the shop owner said they are normally grown for 50+ days and where the brand Tegel’s normal chicken growth is around 36 days.

Now Giulio will demonstrate how to portion a chicken. Maybe something that seems quite simple or hard. Whatever it is to you hopefully you can learn something new.

Written by Christy Martin
A link to Giulio's Blog :

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