Friday, 17 June 2011

celebrating anyway

After Monday's further major shakes, there is a lot of brokenness here in Lyttelton as you can see here and here.
There is sadness and loss.
There is also a continuation of trying to imagine a future with such unstable ground.
One thing that isn't broken though is our community spirit and with Matariki and Winter Solstice upon us and the Festival of Lights postponed, a good local crowd decided to gather and celebrate anyway.
Friends had already bought ingredients for a warming chai tea and had organised a yurt to put up on the old Ground site. Music folk from The Harbour Union played and everyone rejoiced to see a bunch of us stitching hearts and came and joined in.

These two young women held down the fort serving up warming chai and love. 
The lovely Paige, local belly-dancing goddess brought delicious cakes to share with families. She confessed it had been a personal therapy to get through these shaky times; an ancient way for women dealing with crisis.
We all encouraged her to continue this particular therapy and share the results.
Community therapy through baking and eating

Music, chai and community togetherness was served up into the evening.
With much of every new day uncertain at the moment, living in a loving, creative and resilient community is the certainty I stand firm upon right now.

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