Sunday, 5 June 2011


I cry frequently these days.
Not a full blown cry but the welling up of tears that then flow down my cheeks.  It causes people to stare a bit and sometimes ask if I am alright.  
When they hear I am from Christchurch, they seem to agree that this response makes sense.  
I don’t cry necessarily because I am sad as much as because it seems to be what my body and soul require to keep myself ‘righted’.  It typically begins by hearing that someone has done something thoughtful and encouraging for someone else – particularly in response to supporting us here in Christchurch or those folks in Japan who seem so indelibly linked to us right now.  I don’t feel that it is bad to cry – not at all, it feels as though I am honouring the situation that my family, my community and others like us have are facing .  
It also comes from some deep inner feeling of being blessed to have survived and to feel so cared for by others in this world.  I feel touched that out of their busy lives they put so much effort into ensuring that we have something more to hold onto and to  remind us that we are not alone.  
How could that not touch my heart?

Posted by Sarah van der Burch

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