Sunday, 4 September 2011

community resilience workshop coming to town

Kotare Trust invites you to a workshop on:

Building Resilience:

Community Organising now in Otautahi/Christchurch

Saturday 17th September - 9.30am- 4.30pm
Sunday 18th September - 9.30am – 3pm

The earthquakes in Otautahi-Christchurch have highlighted the need for communities to build their own strengths. Excellent community leadership has been shown in responding to the quakes and ensuring community needs are met. This workshop is a place to gather the learnings from the last 12 months and strategise for the immediate future.

The aims for this workshop are:
•To share learnings from participants experience of community building in the context of the quakes
•To envision rebuilding Otautahi-Christchurch in ways that are sustainable, enable community participation, and grow stronger communities.
•To share ideas about how these visions can be brought to fruition and plan collaborative next steps
•To learn and share ideas about community organising principles and practice

Kotare is a research and education centre for social change. We are a national organisation, based in Hoteo North near Wellsford, that supports social movements through the provision of workshops ( Kotare acknowledges that we are not on the ground in Otautahi/Christchurch. We are working with local people on the organising and design of this workshop. We hope facilitating and hosting this gathering will enable those directly impacted and working within Christchurch communities to share learnings with one another and that this workshop will usefully support your important and inspiring work.

Who For:
This workshop is for people engaged in community organising and community building in Otautahi/Christchurch and the surrounding area. Suggestions of people to invite are very welcome. Numbers are limited, so get in quick!
Venue: To be confirmed. The venue will be in Christchurch.
Cost: $0-$150 sliding scale for each workshop. Please self-assess your payment and consider your means when deciding what to pay.
Registration: Registration is required. Please register as soon as possible and no later than Monday the 12th of September.
Facilitation team: Tim Howard and Tanya Newman
For more information and to register, please contact Tanya Newman at or phone 02102769112.

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