Sunday, 25 September 2011

seed magic

Oh Spring, you love to do this to us. Warm us up with clear, still days, lulling us into thinking we have made it through into the warmer months and then, as though unexpectedly, you send us back into wintery temperatures.
But even though it may be cold and blustery outside, we can still dream about our feet in the warm earth, plant seeds and prepare for the hard work ahead.

And if you don't believe in magic, find some seeds to plant.
A morning playing with the different shapes, sizes and colours of seeds will astonish and delight.
Doing this with a child helps.
Just slowing down and looking, we remember how dependent we are on these little bundles of potential.
Their shear abundance will convert you for sure.
Plan to save some seed in the coming season. Beans and peas are easy. Tomatoes are simple too.
Even just let some of your plants go to seed and see what happens around the base of the parent plant.
Share spare seedlings with your neighbours and friends. Always.
Supporting your local seed bank also is a great way to get a little closer to your seed; they will hold less common varieties to experiment with and have seeds better suited to your bioregion.
Check out the southern seed exchange if you are local.
Seed guardianship keeps the seeds where they belong; in the hands of gardeners and farmers or in the earth, feeding families. Corporate laboratories and distribution centres are no place for seeds of life itself and if you're not convinced watch Vandana Shiva talk about the future of food and seed and check out the NZ Food Bill 160-2 .
These will inspire you to keep going.
Whatever you choose to do in particular, choose to do the good work and take the next step.
Begin on your path of seed guardianship.

written by Jacinda Gilligan, also at


  1. Sowing the seeds - we can do this in more ways than one!

  2. Sowing seeds of good is what matters I guess and consuming those things that will support that goodness to grow...whether it be food or what we read or watch or do in a day. Thanks for the's good to extend the post into conversation.

  3. Yes I think the term 'sowing the seeds' is a useful phrase to describe how we might express our truth to others without ego getting in the way. So often we can find ourselves in an ego contest (especially when we meet someone who has a big ego). We can argue about the best way to do something - but nothing is achieved. Yet, if we quietly sow a few seeds - show people by example, perhaps, and let go. Maybe the seeds will germinate, maybe not. It is a gentler way.

  4. A friend and I were talking about exactly that this afternoon. Sowing the seed/ doing the good work and letting go of any hope of fruition. Margaret Wheatley talks about "can I let go of needing to make a difference?"...something else for us involved with community to consider. I personally find it very helpful to reflect on.

  5. Synchronicity!

    Yes - difficult to 'let go' of trying to help. I guess we must do what we can as and when and just know that in the big scheme of things we are indeed making a difference. Community is right where we start - with our neighbours and friends, where we live.