Saturday, 10 September 2011

a whole new world series

I am sharing, along with others, some of what I am learning as a result of living in this community - this as part of a series, “A Whole New World”. Maybe you want to listen in? Here is the letter from Rose Diamond who is organising it all. My interview is 19 September at 11.00am (NZ)


A Whole New World is launching an inspiring series of interviews with spiritual teachers, authors and community leaders, starting here in Aotearoa New Zealand, Land of the Awakening Dawn, to explore what it means to be awake at this time and how we can unfold our process of awakening into our full creative power.
Go here for a short audio introducing the New Zealand speakers: (wait a few seconds for the audio to appear)

For more information and to register go here:    When you register I will send you details of how to access the calls and an introductory context setting interview with me and colleague Joey Walters, exploring the opportunities in crisis and transition, the transformational power of the Soul Journey and more, is all ready to send to you.   
The series is FREE and you can access the live calls by phone or via the internet. Recordings of the calls will also be available for 3 days following each broadcast. The series starts this Sunday 11th September at 11am here in NZ,  7pm ET on Saturday, or for times elsewhere go to:   The interviews will be live every other day over two weeks.

This is the first leg of a sacred journey across the world, later I will be talking with speakers from USA and UK about how we can bring our visions down to earth. Please join us to create an intentional energy field as we awaken as whole new humans who can co-create a new story, a new culture and a whole new world together.

Please feel free to forward this email to others in your networks.


Rose Diamond

A Whole New World is a resource for the transition to a more peaceful, soulful world.   

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